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Ballet school in Düsseldorf

Ballet classes | Preballet| Children's dance
for children, adults, beginners and advanced students
at the ballet studio in Düsseldorf-Unterbilk

Alexandra Yust
"Wenn man etwas mit Worten erklären könnte, wäre es sinnlos, es zu tanzen"  
Isadora Duncan

Düsseldorf ballet studio

Here you will find a place where you, regardless of your experience,
age or profession, experience classical dance (ballet) and enter the beauty
of movement and classical music!
Ballet classes are entirely in the tradition of Russian ballet,
especially the Vaganova method.
The doors of our dance classes are open to all:
Beginners and professionals, children, teenagers and adults!

Our courses

Ballet for children

The basis of teaching is the Russian classical ballet system. It promotes discipline, self-confidence and develops dancing and playing skills. Barre exercise, floor barre, small dance step combinations and improvisation are essential building blocks for good regular progress in class.

Junge Tänzerin

Ballet for adults

Our adult ballet is ideal for anyone who has ever wanted to experience the beautiful art form of dance - ballet. In our ballet classes for adult beginners you do not need any previous experience.On the program are basic exercice, movements, all kinds of por de bras,ballet terms in French and floor barre.

What awaits you
A professional approach to every child and adult!
The interest in developing and discovering the talents of each student!
Love of what we do!
What our participants say
Super ballet teacher, professional and experienced. My daughter and I both enjoy attending classes with Alexandra. It is mega fun, even for beginners!
Ye Huo
Alexandra is a recommendable dance teacher who combines a super mix of qualitative and professional standards with a friendly and sensitive approach to her students. She creates a focused and positive training atmosphere where you can learn a lot for sure!
Lea Fehrs
Great ballett studio! I'm super happy to find it and open a new ballet world for me! The ballett trainer Alexandra is a real ballerina, who is very attentive to details and always gives some new exercises so it's never boring or the same during classes. Also suitable for beginners.
Anastasia Vavilina

Do you have questions?

Booking and contact

Would you like to book a class for your child or yourself, or do you have questions about classes or other concerns? Please get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you!